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Piano Loom

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

Our studio hosted some amazing warehouse parties over the years. Most notably our annual Halloween Parties. One year my friend Teyana and I set aside a week of our time to make this Piano Loom, the idea had been in our minds for quite some time. Setting the loom up to look like a piano and to have a monster playing it in the middle of our party! Our idea has legs, all the way to a performance piece we will no doubt preform one day, complete with songs and a love story about black and white. The loom is so big we thought we might as well have it out in the party instead of collapsing it in some corner. We took apart many VHS tapes and fell in love with the slinky sexy black ribbon, used it as the black keys, and made neat curtains with it. It was the year of VHS. Creating random ideas is so important for us, not being attached to creations, I'm sure many people didn't even notice our creation and others probably loved it.

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