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A beautiful video about our studio practice, weaving and hats. Thank you Bryan Webb for featuring us on Kootenay Inspired.

The Hat Maker

Kootenay Inspired

My Story

Handcrafted in BC since 2009


Branda Christoffersen began Cut Threads using her weaving to give old trucker hats a face lift. Time grew her idea into a business using custom weaving, and a hat manufacturer in Richmond BC to create one of a kind hats. A hat brand with no branding, just lines, design and texture, give Cut Threads its unique look.


Topographic design elements are used in most of our printed graphic work. All design work and illustration is done by me in my home Studio. Illustration and painting has always been the biggest part of my creative side, please have a look at my artwork as well. Self taught illustrator with a drive to always add to my skill set. I studied weaving/surface design at Kootenay School of the Arts here in Nelson, as well as the wonderful Digital Media course Selkirk has to offer. I have a great interest in shape and line, typography and artwork focused on shapes is my thing these days.


Our loom is a 60" 12 shaft LeClerk. The mother of hand weaving looms. We graciously picked it up after a chance encounter at the Winnipeg Folk Festival in 2013. We weave in a variety of fibres, acrylic, tencel, silk, wool and cassette tape. Weaving with cassette tapes was a borrowed idea from my friend Teyana Neufield, and what a joy it is to weave with the slinky glossy ribbon. The best part about our hats is the rich texture and colour availible when you custom make the fabrics that go on them. 

Twill patterned weaving is an obsession for Branda, its line and grid patterns are amazing. Nothing has held my attention and demanded me explore it the way twill has. Simple lines, herringbone, houndstooth, as well as other un-named patters are all variations on the fantastic twill.


I live in Nelson BC, with my Husband and small son; and are happy to be a part of the Western Canadian Artisan Scene.


Give us a shout.

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