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One of a kind Ball Caps & Trucker Caps 

Hand woven & Recycled Designs Based in Nelson, BC,

Cut Threads has been a part of western Canada's artisan scene since 2009.

We create unique designer trucker hats and baseball caps using custom hand weaving or recycled fabrics on the front panels to give a truly original look. Being made in Canada is important to us; we work with a local manufacturers in Richmond BC, and a printer in Vancouver. The weaving is done in my studio in Nelson BC using various fibres such as tencel, bamboo, wool, orlec and most importantly cassette tape. We have travelled from Winnipeg to the coast with our hats at various festivals over the years. Find us at a store near you or shop online here. 

Our Loom

A thing of beauty.

There is something so feminine about a handloom.

Even when I have no interest in weaving  just looking at it is inspiring - threads at tension just taking up space before they are woven into a patterned, useful, 2D object. There is something so feminine about a handloom.

I am lucky enough to own a 12-shaft Lecler, Canadian made workhorse of a loom. It is one of my greatest possessions. Just having the 12-shaft option is wonderful, we do most of our weaving with only the 8 shafts, but our 'Castles' pattern uses the full 12 foot pedals your feet and legs get a real workout - another bonus too weaving! It has a massive footprint in my studio, and is very loud. People are often surprised by how fast an experienced weaver can weave, and at the clang clank and rattle of this elegant machine.

Weaving is Awesome.

Corporate Hats

Looking for a truly unique custom hat to support your team, represent your band, or for corporate swag? How about a unique way to celebrate your wedding day? We've got you covered!


We can do logos, patterns, team colour tartans or anything you want to represent your business or tribe. Don't wind up with another cheap ball cap that sits in your closet or winds up in a landfill, when can get something that your company or team, or bridal party will want to keep for a lifetime.

The Hat Maker

Kootenay Inspired

A beautiful video about our studio practice, weaving and hats. Thank you Bryan Webb for featuring us on Kootenay Inspired.

Cut Threads Video

Circa 2013

I made this video while discovering my camera and new technology abilities. A fun video about the threads and I.

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